Corporate Social Responsibility

We at Diffusion Engineers Limited believe that CSR is done through the heart.

  • Health & Sanitation
  • Medical Fund
  • Social Commitment / Provision of Basic Needs
  • Bharat Ke Veer Fund
  • Education

1. Sanitary Napkins Vending Machine

A healthy lady raises a healthy family and hygiene is the first step towards it. Diffusion Engineers Limited installed sanitary napkin vending at 15 Zilla Parishad and other schools in rural Nagpur, which will help the girls of the schools to maintain personal hygiene and better waste disposal. The girls were also counselled on the occasion on how to use the machine and maintain hygiene. More than 3000 + girl students of these institutions are benefitted by this initiative.

2. Building Toilet Blocks

Diffusion is sensitive towards the Swatch Bharat Abhiyan and we believe that the awareness of hygiene and cleanliness can be brought through children. We have built 20+ toilet blocks in Zilla Parishad schools in rural Nagpur which will further distill down to their parents and homes and bring about awareness of cleanliness.

3. Preserving Environment & Water Harvesting

  • Diffusion Engineers Ltd maintains Pawanbhoomi ground cum park after obtaining formal permission from NIT. We have developed the ground by levelling the ground, planting trees and plants which will bear flowers and provide shade. New signboards have also been added. Maintenance is on at full swing and new benches for visitors have also been installed.
  • Diffusion Engineers Ltd has installed a rainwater-harvesting system at its Nimji Plant at Kalmeshwar. Under this system, injection wells are dug in 5 ft radius around the borewell. The water is collected in the silt trap nearby, which gets percolated to the borewell after filtration in the injection well. Each of the points can collect about 2,500-kilolitres of water while rooftop rainwater harvesting units can collect 325-kilolitres of water. This system will enable ample rainwater to be collected and improve the water table of the region.
  • Diffusion Engineers Ltd conducts regular tree plantation drives at all its plants to enable a better and healthy environment and help in increasing the oxygen levels.

Preserving Environment

A) Plantation and Maintenance at Nimji Plant. Kalmeshwar. Developing of the land for plantation was done extensively, by depositing of murumfor levelling ground, laying pipelines and installing drainages which will be useful for water conservation also. The project site development of approximate area of 4,200/-sqmetres, which includes depositing soil, manure etcPlantation of 1500 + various plants including oxygen generating ( Banyan, Neem, Arjuna, Ashoka, Bel, Date palm etc ) fruit plants ( Badam, Jamun, Mango etc ) and flowering trees ( Spatodia, Bahunia, Gulmoharetc )was undertaken which will be helpful for increasing the green cover of surrounding areas as this area is fairly barren being an upcoming industrial area. This will also be helpful inincreasing and sustaining birdlife. Some ornamental plants and lawn was also planted.

The Oxygen Generation Plant donation by N.K.Garg Foundation

The NK Garg Foundation has donated an advanced Oxygen Generation Plant in the memory of Shri NK Garg, Founder and Promoter of Diffusion Engineers Limited to Swami Vivekanand Medical Mission Hospital at Khapri, Nagpur. The Oxygen plant was inaugurated by Shri Nitin Gadkari, Honorable Minister of Road Transport and Highways and The Minister of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises on 04th July 2021. Mr. Prashant Garg, Managing Director of Diffusion Engineers Ltd informed that during the second wave of COVID, hospitals across India witnessed critical constraints in Oxygen availability. The hospital administrators have realized the need to be self sufficient and have in-house oxygen generation facilities. With similar aim, the NK Garg Foundation has come forward and decided to donate the Oxygen generation plant which has the capacity to fill 70 jumbo oxygen cylinders per day. Shri Nitin Gadkari appreciated the efforts of NK Garg Foundation and highlighted the need to have more private organizations/NGO to supplement the efforts of the Government.

Mr Prashant Garg, gave a brief introduction about various social and charitable activities conducted under the Foundation. The NK Garg Foundation has been established in the memory of Late Shri NK Garg, Founder and Promoter of Diffusion Engineers Limited. The Foundation has been doing charitable work in the areas of Health, Education and Social Upliftment. This effort was generously supported by donors and patrons from across the world. The addition of the Oxygen Generation Plant will make the hospital self-sufficient and ready to manage any unexpected surge in the number of patients. The occasion was graced by the trustees of Hospital, Mrs.Chitra Garg, Mrs.Neelu Garg, Ms.Aneeta Vijayakar, Dr.Nitin Garg, Mr.UlhasBujone – Secretary SVMM, Dr. Meena Khaltkar - Medical superintendent. The oxygen generation plant donated by NK Garg Foundation would be solace to the needy in these trying times.

1.Brain Tumor Support Group:

The BTSG foundation is meant to take care of the non-medical needs of the patients and their care givers suffering from Brain Tumors. Brain tumor has the potential to cause life-style disruption affecting all those in the family. Some of these tumors are also life threatening. Their aim is to provide psycho-social support to such patients, conduct monthly meetings of patients and their care givers, taking care of logistics supports of those who come from other towns for treatment, and provide access to various aspects like survivorship, clinical trials. This involves imparting important information and knowledge with the patient and their caregivers about healthy diet, focus on the psychological myths and facts about brain tumor to patients and their caregivers, game sessions and use of music therapy. Also in due toliason with various industries and organisations to provide vocational training and educational grants to the siblings / children of those who succumb or are unable to return to their profession and earnings.

2. Donation of Physiotherapy Equipment to SanjiwanVriddhashram :

Sanjiwangram is a fast evolving facility that has its roots in The Sanjiwan Home/ Vriddhashram for aged. The Foundation cares for the elderly who cannot live with their families for various reasons, or those who choose to live in an old age home, or have no option other than living in one. The elderly who become unwanted once their material utility is over develop a feeling of destitution. To make matters worse, physical disabilities start cropping up. Hence a Physiotherapy and naturotherapy Centre is set up to tackle these issues and Diffusion Engineers Limited donated one CPM ( Continued passive motion ) Machine, Parallel Bar and Quadricep table for inmates to keep them fit and mobile..

3. PM Cares Fund :

It is our responsibility to help the Government of India in tackling the COVID 19 pandemic. Donated to PM Cares Fund for dealing with COVID 19 pandemic. ( Include certificate )

1. Monda Village Medical Services. Hingna

We run a medical service for Mondha Village at the Mata Bal Sangopan Kendra in association with Government Primary Health Centre Hingna. We have designated Dr. Matkar ( B.A.M.S & D.Y.N.S ) for the program and he visits twice a week on Tuesday’s and Friday’s for 2 hours. Project is progressing with great success with average of 20 to 25 patients per visit. We have also identified 2 critical patients who were directed to concerned specialists, been operated on and doing well now.

2. Chichbhavan Village Medical Services. Kalmeshwar

Similarly, we run a medical service for Chichbhavan village and surrounding 5 villages with permission from Government Health Department. Nagpur from February 2019. We have designated Dr. Mayur. Nipane( B.A.M.S & D.Y.N.S ) for the program. Dr. Nipane visits and provides medical consultancy twice a week i.e on Wednesday & Saturday for 2 hours per visit. Diffusion Engineers Ltd provides basic and emergency medication to patients and in case of requirement for specialists, Dr. Nipane refers the same. Project is progressing well with average of 10 to 20 patients per visit.

3. Public Awareness Program on Life Threatening Infections and Organ Donation

An Public Awareness Program and Q&A session with renowned doctors on life threatening infections was sponsored by Diffusion Engineers Ltd in association with Society of Critical Care Medicine Nagpur Chapter on 18th November 2018 to spread the awareness on Dengue, Scrub Typhus and Swine Flu (Its causes, symptoms, medication and precautions). There was an interactive session with doctors to address the queries of the audience and dispel some myths about the infections. There was also a short skit presented by doctors to depict and address patient/relatives and doctor issues. Panelist Doctors were Dr. Devyani. Buche, Dr.Nirmal. Jaiswal, Dr. Rajan. Barokar, Dr.Nikhil. Balankhe, Dr. Anand. Dongre, Dr. Deepak. Jeswani & Dr. Ashwini. Tayade. Moderators were Dr. Swapna. Khanzode and Mr. Vikas. Vaidya.

An CME on organ donation was sponsored by Diffusion Engineers Ltd in association with Society of Critical Care Medicine Nagpur Chapter to spread the awareness on organ donation and the responsibility of each individual towards the noble cause which would give a new lease of life to other people. One person can donate upto 8 different organs.

4. CIIMS Donations

Diffusion Engineers Ltd cares about the health of their brethren and have till date donated to Central India Institute for Medical Sciences Nagpur :

  • A Phillips IntelliVueMX500 patient monitor configured with ECG/Resp,NIBP,SpO2,Temp & dual IBP. This would provide powerful monitoring with portability and measurement flexibility in one compact unit. By supplying comprehensive patient information at a glance, the monitor can make a real difference when multiple patients and priorities demand attention.
  • 3, BPL Cardiart 9108 ECG Machines, the goal of which is performing an Electrocardiogram to obtain information about the electrical function of the heart. Medical uses for this information are varied and vast and used for identification of many heart disorders. This would be useful for many patients from low economical background to diagnose heart problems.
  • 1, Readwell Elisa Automatic ELISA plate analyser. It is a stand alone system for all routine immunoassays, biochemicals, hormones and drug levels tests. Its versatile and extensive software supports most of the calculations required for interpretation of results. It is economical, reliable and high precision machine. This would be beneficial to thousands of needy patients.
  • 3, Graseby™ 1200 Infusion Pumps. An infusion pump infuses fluids, medication or nutrients into a patient's circulatory system. It is generally used intravenously, although subcutaneous, arterial and epidural infusions are occasionally used. This would provide facility to thousands of patients for accurate and systematic medication.
  • 1, Philips Efficia DFM100 Low Energy SMART Biphasic Defibrillator with accessories for Cardiac ICCU : A defibrillator is a device that gives a high energy electric shock to the heart of someone who is in cardiac arrest. This helps the heart to revive in many cases and gives a new lease of life to the patients.

5. Donation to Global Vision Cancer Care ( NGO ) for cancer treatment

We donated Rs. 25,000/- to Global Vision Cancer Care for the treatment of a patient, Miss Manvi Mhaske, a 5-year-old daughter of Mr.Vijay Mhaske suffering from Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia since he is a labourer who cannot afford the cost of her treatment. Miss Manvi is getting treated in Bharati Hospital And Research Center, Pune

6. Cataract Surgeries

We are extremely happy to have enabled 37 needy people to continue seeing colours of life through sponsoring their cataract surgeries and lens implants under CSR program in association with Sohang Sewa Sansthan. Bhopal.

2. Chichbhavan Village Medical Services. Kalmeshwar

Ongoing project at Chichbhavan Village, Kalmeshwar.Progressing well with 15 to 25 patients per session, twice a week on Wednesday and Saturday.This service is very useful for the villagers as the nearest Primary Health Centre is at quite some distance. The visiting doctor Dr. Mayur.Nipane has become a close confidante of the villagers who trust and depend on him. Medicines are also provided to patients.

2.Eye Surgery:

Sponsored eye operation of Patient Mrs. Balisha Gopichand Ambalkar, Age 45 Yrs. Old, Female, R/O NirmalNagari, Near Shitla Mata Mandir, Umred Road, Nagpur known case of uncontrolled Hypertension leading to Branch Retinal Vein Occlusion REleading to Dense Vitreous Hemorrhage in Left Eye leading to severe loss of vision. She worked as a peon in a school and considering her economic status early visual rehabilitation was indicated to start her routine work. Surgery was conducted under Local Anesthesia Pars Plana Vitrectomy to remove Blood inside eye with Endolaserwas done. Patient follow up done regularly. Patient has regained vision and is able to attend work and earn livelihood. The case was referred and procedure conducted by Dr. Sulabha Deshpande, Consulting Ophthalmologist &Vitreo-Retinal Surgeon at Dr. K.G. Deshpande memorial Centre, Ramnagar, Nagpur.

1. Borewell for Gat Panchayat Nimji

Diffusion Engineers Limited in yet other CSR initiative dug a borewell for the villagers of Chichbhavan and 14 mile, under Nimji Gat Panchayat, amravati road, Kalmeshwar zone who were facing acute water shortage and getting water after 4 to 5 days. A water diviner was engaged to identify water source. The divine forces also lent a helping hand as we got water at 416ft and water yield is 4 inches which will provide over 15000 ltr water per hour. The bore was connected to a well and the water is distributed through a pipeline to both the villages. Needless, to say the villagers are thrilled as they now get ample water.

2. Donated Solar Lights for Sanjiwan Vriddha Ashram

Diffusion Engineers Limited is compassionate and empathizes with the senior citizens who have spent their lives looking after their children but who in return have no time or feelings for their parents. We donated 15 solar lights to Sanjiwan Vriddha Ashram which will enable them to spend quality time, enable them to exercise and walk in the evening hours in the open as well as provide them with safety and security.

Diffusion recognizes its duty towards our country and its armed forces who toil continuously to protect us. Diffusion donated Rs. 4.5 lakhs till date to the Bharat Ke Veer fund, the objective of which is to contribute towards the family of a braveheart who sacrificed his/her life in line of duty. After their demise, the family left behind lacks basic amenities due to poor financial conditions. There are many families who face such financial crisis and this platform is dedicated to help such families.

GDA Skill Development

General Duty Assistant Course of 3 months duration from November 2022 to January 2023was sponsored by Diffusion Engineers Limited under National Skill Development Corporation. This is a skill in Healthcare which trains students to handle patients in hospitals as well as at home. We saw it as need of the hour as many patients / seniors need medical help at home. The batch was of 30 students, they passed their exams conducted by IB4 on the same pattern as Skill India as NSDC and MSSDS have temporarily suspended assessment and certification post Covid. Most 3rd Party assessment agencies have shut shop post covid. Therefore they were given combined provisional certificates by Diffusion Engineers Limited, IB4 Consultants &Amina GraminVikasSanstha. They will be given Skill India Certificates as soon as NSDC starts issuing them. The students have undergone internship in various hospitals, clinics and some have been placed in hospitals, clinics while some are doing home patients and rest are pursuing higher nursing courses.The Course was co-ordinated through IB4 Consultants at Mother Teresa Nursing Institute under Amina GraminVikasSanstha. Koradi.


1. N.K.Garg Scholarship Program

The N.K. Garg Foundation / Diffusion Engineers Limited is happy to announce N.K. Garg Scholarship Program for students of B.E / B. Tech – 1st Year / 2nd Year Mechanical Engineering / Metallurgy / Industrial Engineering or equivalent course for Academic Session 2022-23 onwards. The N.K.Garg Scholarship Program is constituted in the memory of Shri N.K.Garg, Founder and Chairman of Diffusion Engineers Limited, an exceptional Leader and human being who touched so many lives and took the organization to phenomenal heights. The Scholarship will be given to 10 students per year and will cover college fees, guidance and internship programs at Diffusion Engineers Limited. Hingna / Kalmeshwar Plants. The Scholarship amount is Rs. 50,000/- per student per year till completion of graduation provided he/she scores above 65% every year.
Eligibility Criteria :

  • First year engineering candidates pursuing B.E/B.Tech/ Mechanical / Metallurgy / Industrial Engineering or equivalent course with 70% marks in 10th and 12th standard.
  • Second year Engineering candidates pursuing B.E/B.Tech /Mechanical / Metallurgy / Industrial Engineering or equivalent course with 70% marks in 10th and 60% in final year Diploma.
  • In addition to SSC & HSSC, marks of CET/JEE also to be considered while scrutinizing applications and shortlisting students.
  • Annual income of the family should be less than 5 lacs per annum.
  • Candidates who do not receive any other aid or scholarship preferred.
  • For Academic Session 2022-23, scholarships to be offered to shortlisted students only from empaneled colleges within Nagpur District Only.

The N.K.Garg Scholarship Distribution :

N.K.GargScholarship was given to 6 students of Shri Ramdeobaba College Of Engineering& Management. Nagpur&4 students of Visvesvaraya National Institute of Technology. Nagpur based on performance ( merit ) and economic background ( need ) was given in February 2023, after due screening by N.K.Garg Foundation/ Diffusion Engineers Ltd interview panel physically in first round & and home visits in second round to ensure validity of details shared by the candidates.

List of Students who were given N.K.Garg Scholarship for Academic Session 2022-23

Ramdeobaba College of Engineering & Management. Nagpur B.Tech

  • DarshanBondre Mechanical Engineering 64 %
  • Yash Tripathi Mechanical Engineering 72.20 %
  • Yash Petkar Mechanical Engineering 84.40 %
  • Pawan Wath Electrical Engineering 74.80 %
  • Anil Ughade Electrical Engineering 76.00 %
  • Pranali Mule Civil Engineering 89.80 %

Visvesvaraya National Institute of Technology. Nagpur B.Tech

  • Vrushal Balki Mechanical Engineering 94.4 %
  • Swati Metallurgy & Material Engineering 80 %
  • Pinninti Sai Metallurgy & Material Engineering 73.15 %
  • Shaikh SattarJaan Mahammad Metallurgy & Material Engineering 93.2 %
Ms. Aneeta. Vijayakar
Director CSR

4. Donation to Inspire Institute of Sport ( JSW Foundation ).

Diffusion Engineers Limited has joined hands with the Inspire Institute of Sport (IIS) in their quest to help Indian athletes achieve the Olympic dream. IIS is India’s first privately-funded High-Performance Training Institute that trains young athletes across five Olympic disciplines of Athletics, Boxing, Judo, Swimming and Wrestling. Spread over 42 acres in Vijayanagar, Karnataka, IIS currently provides over 150 talented junior athletes residential scholarships with access to world class infrastructure, technical training and sports science support to help them achieve their potential and become leaders in society. Led by an Advisory Board comprising senior Indian sporting legends like SouravGanguly, Mahesh Bhupathi and high-performance expert Dr. Tom Patrick, IIS focuses on creating structured programs with a 360- degree holistic approach, leading to overall development, sustainability and empowerment of the athletes. Complemented by a staff of 55 experts from 8 nationalities, athletes at IIS have already made an impact on the sporting stage, winning over 300 medals at various national and international competitions since the institute’s inception in April 2017. Diffusion Engineers Limited is proud to be associated with IIS and propel a movement to drive India towards global sporting glory. Donated 3 Lakhsto this endeavor.

Skill Development

To help develop the skills of youth of rural India, enable them to earn well and live a better life is one of our CSR Goals at Diffusion Engineers Limited. Pilot Batch of Welding & Fabrication Skill Development Course under Skill India in association with Montfort Integrated Educational –commencedon 16th Jan 2020.We are happy that they have performed well and some have joined Diffusion Engineers Limited and are looking to a bright future.

Participated in Right to Write - A Record Global Event Of Handwriting Awareness Drive in association with Eminence Arts & Education. Lakhs of children, teenagers and adults from India and other countries took part in the event of writing for the worthy cause of retaining the handwriting skills for generations to come. Pictures and videos were clicked and posted on the official page - Right To Write. The whole record was taken from the official page. Age is no bar, Language and font is no bar but write they must. This initiative was one of its kind! It brought a revolution in handwriting! Diffusion was a brand sponsor of this event and has donated Rs. 1 lakh which involved sponsoring books for 750 children from 3 ZP Schools around MIDC Hingna area i.e 1. Z.P. High School. Nildoh 2. Z.P. Upper Primary School. Rajiv Nagar and 3. Z.P. Upper Primary School Amar Nagar to receive books on Calligraphy in English & Hindi. On 15th Jan we visited the schools along with Ms. Jaishree Chhabrani, of Eminence Arts & Education and explained the importance of improving and retaining handwriting in today’s digital world and distributed the books to children of the schools. All 3 schools participated with great enthusiasm in the Right To Write Online Drive on 23rd Jan, thereby getting a chance to become a part of Golden Book of World Records.