SOP - (with Ultrahard Chromium Boride)

SOP - Ultra hard Chromium boride crystals with a hardness second only to diamond is the ultimate answer as on antiwear coating for parts subjected to severe abrasion and particles impact erosion.

SOP - Exhibiting a needle like micro-structure provides a hardness of RC 68-72 with a maximum coating thickness of just 1.5 mm only. The unique needle line structure resists penetration by flying particles ensuring highly extended service life of the parts coated with SOP.

SOP has a wide array of applications in continuous process industries such as power, mining, iron ore pelletisation, cement, sugar, paper etc. SOP is being extensively used by Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) of air separators, pneumatic pumps, coal mills, boiler equipment, fans etc., as well.

ID fans, FK pump screws, air separator guide vanes, wear plate liners, coal venturis & pipes, mill discharge valves, coal mill side liners, chutes, scrapers, bamboo chippers , air preheater ducts etc., are only a few of the several applications for this super anti-wear alloy.
Wear plates manufactured by using SOP provide buckets of heavy earth moving equipment such as dragline, shovels, wheel loaders etc., freedon from wear.

PROCEDURE SOP coating can be done by oxy-acetylene as well as carbon arc process.

Oxy-Acetylenne Process Remove dust, grease scales etc.. Apply SOP by a brush to a maximum thickness of 1.5 mm. Allow it to dry. Apply a generous carburising flame at a point till the crystals stop glowing. It indicates sweating i.e. bonding of SOP with base metal. As the bonding proceeds, move the flame along at a rate sufficient to keep the sweating ahead of the flame. Width of the path depends on the surface area and base metal thickness.

Carbon Arc Process On sections exceeding 6mm, carbon arc methods is recommended. Remove dirt, grease, scale etc. and slightly warm the surface. Apply SOP with brush to a maximum thickness of 1.5 mm.
Allow it to dry. Use a pointed 6mm/8mm carbofuse (-ve polarity) for fusing. Provide beads of uniform width with crescent shaped weaves. Advance at a rate sufficient to keep surface sweating ahead of the arc. Overlap succeeding beads to ensure uniform penetration. Literature
ID FAN BLADE : Coated with SOP showing no sign of wear after one year in service. Notice adjoining areas hardfaced by welding in a badly eroded condition. FK PUMP SCREWS : Both, original equipment manufacturers and end users use SOP invariably  to extend the life of the pump part. AIR SEPARATOR GUIDE VANES : Made in India for the Cement Industry are  invariably protected with SOP to provide superb resistance to particle impact erosion.
AIR PRE-HEATER DUCT : Superconditioned with SOP in thermal power stations WEAR PLATES : SOP coated CBC wear plates which resist high abrasion, usher in an era of 'modular maintenance' for the mining and quarrying industry.  

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