CSR Committee :
  • Mr. N.K. Garg (Managing Director)
  • Ms. Aneeta Vijayakar (Director CSR)
  • Dr. Mrs. Renuka Garg (Director)
Areas identified for CSR activities :
  • Health & Sanitation
  • Preserving Environment & Water Harvesting
  • Education
  • Provision of Basic Needs
  • Skill Development
Financial Period 2017-2018
1. Health & Sanitation :
  • Sanitary Napkins Vending Machine :
    • donated to 5 schools which will help the girls of the schools to maintain personal hygiene and better waste disposal. The girls were also counselled on the occasion by Dr. Purnima. Chinchamalatpure on how to use the machine and maintain hygiene. Machine acquired from The Blue Beverages. Nagpur. More than 1000 + girl students of these institutions will be benefitted. Total Cost of each machine Rs. 20,000/- approx.
    • Machines donated to below mentioned schools in Kalmeshwar Zone :
    1. Bar. S.K. Wankhede Mahavidyalaya. Khaparkheda
    2. Bar. S.K. Wankhede Mahavidyalaya. Mohpa
    3. Smt. Kusumtai. Kanya. Shala. Mohpa
    4. Krishnarao. Wankhede. Vidyalaya. Kohli
    5. New English High School. Mohpa.
2. Preserving Environment & Water Harvesting :
  • Diffusion Engineers Ltd has taken over the maintenance of the Pawanbhoomi ground cum park after obtaining formal permission from NIT. Ground development is on at full swing and benches for the visitors have been installed.
  • Status : Project progressing well.
A. Medical Fund :
  1. Monda Village Medical Services.
    • Project progressing well. Going on with great success with average of 20 to 25 patients per visit.
    • Status : in progress.
  2. CME on Organ Donation :
    • An CME on organ donation was sponsored by Diffusion Engineers Ltd in association with Society of Critical Care Medicine Nagpur Chapter on 10th September 2017 to spread the awareness on organ donation and the responsibility of each individual towards the noble cause.
  3. CIIMS Proposal :
    • CIIMS had sent a proposal of requirement of 3 ECG machines and 1 Elisa Reader. The machines have been acquired and donated to CIIMS hospital on 8th Feb 2018 thereby providing facility to thousands of patients for cardiac and blood immunoassays diagnosis and accurate treatment.
    • BPL Cardiart 9108 :
      1. Simultaneous 12 Channel ECG Recording with 12 lead simultaneous acquisition5.7- inch High Resolution Foldable Screen
      2. QWERTY Alphanumeric keyboard
      3. Built-in ECG Parameters measurements and Interpretation
      4. Print Mode: Pre-Sample/Real-Time Sample/Arrhythmia Triggered Sample
      5. Upto 100 ECGs in Internal Memory
      6. Supports External Archiving: USB Drive for virtually unlimited ECG Data Storage
      7. Built-in Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery
  • Readwell Elisa Automatic ELISAplate analyser :
    This is an Automatic ELISAplate analyser with user friendly and sophisticated on board software. It is a stand alone system for all routine immunoassays, Biochemicals, hormones and drug levels. Its versatile and extensive software supports most of the calculations required for interpretation of results. It is economical, reliable and high precision machine.
B. Bharat Ke Veer Fund :
  • Diffusion recognizes its duty towards its country and its armed forces who toil continuously to protect us. Diffusion has donatedRs. 2.5 lakhs to the Bharat Ke Veer fund, theobjective of which is to contribute towards the family of a braveheart who sacrificed his/her life in line of duty. After their demise, the family left behind lacks basic amenities due to poor financial conditions. There are many families who face such financial crisis and this platform is dedicated to help such families.The amount donatedwill be credited to the account of ‘Next of Kin’ of such Central Armed Police Force/Central Para Military Force soldiers. This is an initiative of Actor Akshay Kumar along with Government of India.
C. Education :
  • Diffusion Engineers Ltd was Brand Sponsor for The Right To Write- A Record Global Event Of Handwriting Awareness Drive held on 23rd Jan 2018. We donated Rs. 1 lakh 9 thousandwhich enabled 750 children from 3 ZP Schools around MIDC Hingna area i.e 1. Z.P. High School.Nildoh 2.Z.P. Upper Primary School.Rajiv Nagar and 3. Z.P. Upper Primary School Amar Nagar to receive books on Calligraphy in English & Hindi. On 15th Jan we visited the schools along with Ms. Jaishree. Chhabrani, of Eminence Arts & Education and explained the importance of improving and retaining hand writing in today’s digital world and distributed the books to children of the schools. All 3 schools participated with great enthusiasm in the Right To Write Online Drive on 23rd Jan, thereby getting a chance to become a part of Golden Book of World Records.
Phase I :
1. Health & Sanitation :
  • Installing toilets in rural areas :
    • School Sanitation Complex - Four Zilla Parishad Schools were selected based on requirement for girls toilets. Permission acquired from ZP Primary Schools at Gidamgad & Gumgaon in Hingna Block and Upper Primary Schools at Gondkhairy(old) & Sonegaon in Kalmeshwar Block for 4 girls toilet complexes. This will consist of 2 urinals and one toilet. Approximately 250+ girls will benefit from the toilets. This is also a motivator for more girls to go to school. The work has been completed. Project to be executed through Centre of Science for Villages.( CSV ) Wardha.
    • We shall be constructing 5 new toilets in the below mentioned areas in the financial year 2015-16.
    1. Z.P. Primary School. Bidganeshpur. ( Boys ). ( Hingna )
    2. Z.P. Primary School. Bharkas. ( Boys ). ( Hingna )
    3. Z.P. Primary School. Shirul. ( Boys ). ( Hingna )
    4. Z.P. Upper Primary School. Gondkhairy ( old). (Boys) (Kalmeshwar)
    5. Z.P. Upper Primary School. Pardi ( Deshmukh). (Girls) (Kalmeshwar)
    6. Z.P. Primary School. DigdohPande (Girls ). (Hingna)
    7. Z.P. Primary School. PendhariDevli. ( Boys). (Hingna)
    8. Z.P. Primary School. Lonara. (Boys and Girls). (Kalmeshwar)
    9. Z.P. Upper Primary School. Sahuli (BU). (Girls) (Kalmeshwar)
    10. Z.P. Primary School. KhairyLakhma. ( Boys) (Kalmeshwar)
    11. Z.P. Primary School. KhairyHarji. (Boys ) (Kalmeshwar)
  • New Research Project is to be initiated in the field of Mechanical Engineering / Metallurgy through Dr. Sapate in association with VNIT.
2. Preserving Environment & Water Harvesting :
  • Diffusion Engineers Ltd has taken over the maintenance of the Pawanbhoomi ground cum park after obtaining formal permission from NIT. We have commenced on the cleaning of the park, filling of the ditches, pot holes and plantation. Project will be executed through a professional Landscape Developer and Horticulture Consultant. We will be putting up boards with motivational sayings in the park once monsoon is over.( Photo's are of the ground at the time of takeover ) (Photo's after the plantation will be uploaded shortly )
  • Diffusion Engineers Ltd plans to go green and install rain water harvesting systems in all its plants at MIDC and Nimji Kalmeshwar. Under this system, Injection wells are dug in 5 ft radius around the borewell. The water is collected in the silt trap in close proximity, which gets percolated to the borewell after filtration in the injection well. Borewell of approximately 90 meters is required to be drilled with insertion of HDPE Pipe.
    Each of the point can collect about 2,500 kilo litres of water while roof top rainwater harvesting units can collect 325 kilo litres of water. Another positive point about this system is that there is absolutely no need for the people to maintain the same. It only requires cleaning of the trenches once in a year, which can be done easily. We have planned to go ahead with injection borewell system. This project will be executed through Ms. Eco Structures Pvt Ltd. ( Diagram of the Injection Borewell technology which is being used )
Phase II : Adopting Monda Village for education and health
Diffusion plans to adopt Monda village under education and health areas. Monda is a village in Hingna Block which consists of population of about 1055.
Computer Education Facility at Monda

The future lies in computer utilization as most services are now computerized and businesses are moving towards being paperless. The children in our rural areas still do not have the facility for proper computer education as do children in the urban areas. This hampers their growth and chances of securing a good job or career though they are as good intellectually.

There is one Zilla Parishad school in monda which is from standard 1 to 7th. The students go to Hingna for further schooling. There are about 50 students in total in the school. There is no computer related education there. To enable them to have better computer education, Diffusion plans to install computers in the school. Diffusion will also monitor the usage of the computers and ensure that all the children in the school are able to make use of the facility. We also plan to provide them with internet services to be equally competitive.

Medical Facility at Monda

There is just a basic Mata Bal Sangopan Centre at Monda which caters to basic ailments and sends the patient to Hingna PHC for further treatment. There is no doctor at Monda. There is one nurse and one health worker. Monda sub centre consists of 10 villages and in all has population of about 4800. Monda village has population of 1055. Their requirement for specialists are 1. Gynecologist 2. Child Specialist 3.Eye Specialist. Most patients fall in the above category. There is a high incidence of tuberculosis and some heart and cancer cases. Diffusion plans to provide them with a visiting General Physician on a regular basis and a specialist on regular intervals.

Project is progressing well. Going on with great success with average of 20 to 25 patients per visit. Two cases of cancer detected and addressed. Patients operated on and doing well. One case of Berger Disease, infection in toe and second finger of right foot, patient referred to IGMC.

Ms. Aneeta. Vijayakar
Director CSR

Diffusion Engineers Ltd donates critical monitoring equipment to CIIMS Hospital
Diffusion has equally high commitment to its customers and society and under its Corporate Social Responsibility Initiatives in the medical field aimed at improving monitoring during and after critical neuro operations has donated to CIIMS Hospital. Bajaj Nagar. Nagpur 1. A Phillips IntelliVueMX500 patient monitor configured with ECG/Resp,NIBP,SpO2,Temp& dual IBP. 2. Cardiac output module 3. BIS module with BIS sensor with 5 sensors 4. Mainstream E+CO2 Capability & Reusable sensors with airway adaptor alongwith standard adult accessories. This would provide powerful monitoring with portability and measurement flexibility in one compact unit. By supplying comprehensive patient information at a glance, the monitor can make a real difference when multiple patients and priorities demand attention. Monitoring needs change with patient acuity and the devices are designed to monitor a wide range of vital signs in the ICU, on a sub-acute floor, or at the bedside, and are even built to withstand the rigors of in-hospital transport. The IntelliVueMX500 establishes device interfacing and connectivity to the EMR at virtually any point of care in the hospital. The MX500 with these important features along with above additional modules and accessories will enable high standard of critical care to neuro patientsin and post critical neuro operations amounting to saving many lives. The equipment was handed over at the hands of Former Mayor Kundatai. Vijayakar to CIIMS on 29th March 2017. Present on the occasion were MD of Diffusion Engineers Ltd. Mr. N.K. Garg & Mrs. Chitra. Garg, Director CSR Ms. Aneeta. Vijayakar, Chairman of CIIMS Mr, Bajaj, Director CIIMS Dr. Lokendra Singh, Management & Members of the medical fraternity of CIIMS hospital.

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